Celebrating our Wins

April 2019: Elk County Commissioners under the Act 13 Grant allocation
awarded Elk County Riders a matching grant of $4500 for fencing around a
partial area of the motocross Track on Gahr Rd. This fencing provides a
safety barrier between riders and spectators of the Motocross Track. ECR
was to provide matching funds to complete the $8,945 project.  Scott
Jacobs, Country Estate Fencing, offered to purchase the fencing at cost
through his business and helped Elk County Riders Members to install the
fencing in kind. A huge thank you to Scott Jacobs!

July 2019, DCNR, awarded $70,000 for a feasibility study to examine the
possibility of connecting trails and towns with the “Trail of Dreams”
vision.  In 2020, ECR will be soliciting proposals for this venture. Elk
County Riders and Elk County Tourism Assoc. agreed to contribute $2500
each to bring the total to $75,000.  Thank you to DCNR for helping us in
the initial stages of what will be a huge endeavor for Elk County.

November 2019: Elk County Community Foundation awarded us $5700 to
professionally develop a website and to purchase a large format plotter
printer for mapping our trails. This plotter also helps to create posters
for advertising for events etc. which is one of our revenue sources. Thank
you Elk County Community Foundation!